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Below are some of the many testimonials I have received from my clients


For anyone with back problems, Dara's yoga classes are a must.


She manages to provide a perfect blend of deep stretches and strengthening exercises, balanced by deep relaxation and improved body awareness.


Her real talent lies in her ability to recognise the different strengths/weaknesses of her students so that everyone in the class learns yoga in a supportive and friendly envoironment no matter what level of fitness.


I have been attending Dara's classes for years and still find them stimulating and enjoyable. An oasis of calm in the midddle of my busy week.

Martina O'Reilly
Chartered Physiotherapist at Mater Private Hospital



I have been attending Dara's yoga classes for about 17 years now. In that time I had 3 children in 4 years and continued to attend Dara's yoga classes throughout the pregnancies. Dara guided me through the classes with prenatal yoga which helped keep me fit and in shape throughout the pregnancies. During the deliveries I found the breathing came naturally to me as a result of the yoga breathing I had practised over the years.

Dara's calm demeanour, soothing voice, and detailed descriptions of postures, asanas and how you should be feeling in that posture has lead to a very clear understanding and instruction of yoga for her students.


in fact I found the babies really responded to Dara's soothing

voice during relaxation!





I have been attending Dara's yoga classes for over ten years and I can honestly say that my posture, balance, and overall health improved greatly over that period, not to mention the reduction in my stress levels.


Dara is a wonderful teacher who customises her yoga postures to suit everyone whatever their level of mobility etc is, and this is so empowering and encouraging and just like having a personal trainer.


I will continue my yoga practice with Dara for many years to come as it is a major part of my lifestyle and the benefits are priceless. I highly recommend this yoga course.


Mary Littlewood



I have been attending Dara s yoga classes since January, its a great way to relax and unwind while also getting toned and fit.


I cant recommend it highly enough, well worth checking it out.


Pauline Victory



I have been enjoying Dara’s hatha class for over 10 years now.


Dara is an excellent teacher with a gentle encouraging manner that puts you at ease and she encourages all her students to try their best, with absolutely no pressure. She offers an alternative way of doing any posture that a student might have difficulty with so that they can still benefit from the practice.


Along with the physical benefits of yoga the breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques which Dara has taught us help in our daily lives to stress a little less about whatever comes up. So for me, the class is a great way of keeping those positive feelings topped up.


Anne Cronin, 24th July 2012



I enrolled for a yoga term with Dara in January, its August now and I’m still attending. I wouldn’t miss my Wednesday night class.


Dara teaches in a very relaxed and easy to follow manner. I definitely feel better in myself both mentally and physically.





I started yoga with Dara when I was pregnant with my first child.
5 years on and I’m still here.


I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the class and the fact that the practices vary every term. I look forward to Tuesday evenings and always feel the benefit of having attended the class.


Allison Swords





I have got so many benefits both physical & mental from attending dara's yoga class over the past 7years.

I highly recommend it to others.


Mary Cobb



Have been attending yoga classes with dara for over 10 years. Find her classes great for the body, mind and soul.


Had been to other classes before I started with Dara but find I got most from her classes as she promotes an atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance. She uses meditation, yoga and asana in her classes in a relaxed atmosphere which accommodates all levels. She is very approachable and explains theory, postures and exercises very well.


I really enjoy her classes and would recommend them to everyone......





I have been attending Dara’s ashtanga yoga classes for many years now. I have gained so much from the challenging yet fun classes, through Dara’s patience and constant encouragement.





Throughout the years I have gone to many Yoga teachers. Having found Dara eight years ago my life has changed, having had two back operations years ago left me with a weakness in my back.


The class gives one the chance to relax your body, clear one's mind through simple methods of relaxation, exercise working on the core muscles and meditation.


Dara's personal attention is admired by all in the class.

Dara best of luck in the future, well deserved.



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