Class Styles


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In group Yoga classes I encourage everyone to be aware of their own abilities and limitations and to practice accordingly.


Every Yoga practice can be modified and tailored to suit individual needs and I ask students to make me aware if anything does not feel right for them.


There is no competition, either with ourselves or others in the class, just the opportunity to practice in a safe and enjoyable way.





Hatha Yoga

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I simply call these classes Hatha Yoga as I don't adhere strictly to any one style of yoga, rather I draw from the experience gained from various schools of yoga.


These classes are suitable for people of most ages and abilities and can be particularly beneficial for anybody with back problems or injuries. Each class includes yoga postures (Asana) which help to stretch, strengthen and tone the entire body, particularly our core strength, in support of our back and spine. When combined with yogic breathing (Ujjayi), these form a dynamic yet gentle and therapeutic practice.


These classes also include breath control (Pranayama) which strengthens the respiratory and nervous systems as well as improving concentration and calming the mind and deep relaxation (Savasana) which helps to reduce stress and tension and aids better sleep. Intermediate classes also include a little chanting and meditation.





Ashtanga Yoga


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This class is loosly based on the Ashtanga primary series but is also influenced by yogaflows. It is a dynamic and challenging practice where postures (Asana) and Victory breathing (Ujjayi) are combined to create a flowing sequence.


We move seamlessly from one Asana to the next. This creates a moment by moment awareness that helps us to remain grounded in the here and now.


With practice, this eventually filters into our everyday life. Through this practice we gain strength, flexiblility and stability of body and mind.


Each class ends with deep relaxation (savasana), which gives us time to relax and absorb the benefits of the practice.






Somatic movement classes, based on the work of Dr.Thomas Hanna, consist of gentle exercises which take our body through it's natural range of movement.


All exercises are done either lying or sitting on the floor. We slowly and consciously contract and shorten a muscle or group of muscles, and slowly and consciously release the contraction and allow the muscle to fully lengthen and relax. We bring the movement of our muscles under our voluntary control. Our brain literally re-learns how to control our muscles at a conscious level, releasing pain and tension and rediscovering ease of movement.


Somatics helps us to de-stress both physically and mentally.
There are 3 six week courses, one focusing on freedom from back pain, one focusing on freedom from neck and shoulder pain and one focusing on freedom from hip and leg pain.


Some people benefit from one six week course, others find doing two or all three has the most benefit.