About Yoga


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Nobody can say for sure how long yoga has been around. Yoga is thought to have originated in India approximately 5,000 years ago and the early practices were passed down through word of mouth until the first documented yoga text 2,000 years ago.


Over time yoga has gradually become firmly established in the western world and practices have been modified to suit our busy modern lifestyles.



There are many schools of yoga, but the most common yoga practiced here is a combination of :


Movement - "Asana"

which stretches, strengthens and tones our body inside and out.


Yogic Breathing - "Pranayama"

which strengthens the respiratory system and calms the mind and nervous system.


Deep Relaxation - "Savasana"

helps us to de-stress and sleep better.



Some styles of yoga also include meditation and/or chanting, which help us to gain peace of mind and balance our emotions. These practices, done regularly, improve our concentration and our ability to be engaged in the present moment.


Yoga Graphic


Live In The Moment


When we watch children play they are totally absorbed in the moment. If we can re-learn how to do this, then life can become light hearted and interesting again.


I am a firm believer that yoga should be fun and enjoyable to practice and we can gain a greater sense of wellbeing and peace of mind from our practice.


As we develop and grow through our yoga practice, then those around us also benefit and the world truly does become a better place for us to live.